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2018/01670 Information update (News) Leaving the classroom to work in education 24 September 2018
2018/01669 Information update (News) ECSG updates from the frontline: September 2018 24 September 2018
2018/01427 Information update (News) Prospect backs MPs’ call for new strategy for school exclusions 25 July 2018
2018/01382 Information update (News) Equalities rep spreads understanding 18 July 2018
2018/01395 Information update (News) Protection at work – Why Prospect is the union for you 18 July 2018
2018/01394 Information update (News) ECSG updates from the front line July 2018 18 July 2018
2018/01363 Information update (News) Positive feedback from Local Reps Training Day 13 July 2018
2018/01355 Information update (News) Is your employer reporting on the gender pay gap? 13 July 2018
2018/01342 Information update (News) Tes: School improvement jobs slashed by 60% 11 July 2018
2018/01313 Information update (News) Education in Prospect’s conference spotlight 09 July 2018
2018/00664 Information update (News) ‘Government must act on postcode lottery of school fund allocation’ 12 April 2018
2018/00581 Information update (News) EducationEye is moving to a digital format 21 March 2018
2018/00509 Information update (News) ECS group survey yields new sector snapshot 21 March 2018
2018/00507 Information update (News) Changing faces at the Department for Education 21 March 2018
2018/00577 Information update (News) Updates from your negotiating teams: London and south east 21 March 2018
2018/00535 Information update (News) Updates from your negotiating teams: north west, north and Scotland 21 March 2018
2018/00534 Information update (News) Updates from your negotiating teams: Midlands, south and Wales 21 March 2018
2018/00537 Information update (News) Early Years update: government’s childcare policy and the Nursery World Show 21 March 2018
2018/00506 Information update (News) Protection of home-schooled children back in spotlight 21 March 2018
2018/00529 Information update (News) How our full-time officers help if you have a problem at work 21 March 2018
2018/00543 Information update (News) How to follow Prospect and the ECS group on Twitter 21 March 2018
2018/00540 Information update (News) Prospect seeks members views on USS dispute 20 March 2018
2018/00502 Information update (News) Book review: Stopping Bad Things Happening, by Dr Mike Waters 15 March 2018
2018/00232 Information update (News) Prospect attends Treasury Committee's childcare policy inquiry 08 February 2018
2018/00157 Information update (News) Prospect ECS group to make written submission on childcare 25 January 2018
2018/00117 Information update (News) Prospect welcomes report into role of councils in school improvement 17 January 2018
2017/02037 Information update (News) Prospect seeks members' views on changes to Scottish education 19 December 2017
2017/02017 Information update (News) Government to draft revised home-schooling guidance 12 December 2017
2017/01895 Information update (News) ‘Competence-based education is inhuman and will lead to job losses’ 17 November 2017
2017/01672 Information update (News) Ten things you didn’t know about Prospect’s work in education 19 October 2017