Controllers welcome Swanwick safety case decision


Controllers welcome Swanwick safety case decision

Air traffic controllers have responded to suggestions of possible difficulties with air traffic control equipment at the new Swanwick centre in Hampshire.

  • 23 Jan 2002

Iain Findlay, aviation officer for the air traffic controllers’ union Prospect, said:

"There have been some problems identified with fonts and the ergonomic design of equipment within the new centre.

"We have reached agreement with National Air Traffic Services (NATS) that this will be looked at in light of the operational experiences of our members and the effect on their health and safety.

"The safety of air passengers is of paramount importance to controllers and Prospect is therefore pleased that the CAA Safety Regulation Group (SRG), who have ultimate responsibility for UK air safety, have cleared the safety case for Swanwick.

"They have stated that the problems identified will not put air safety at risk. In light of this, we are satisfied that these operational difficulties should not delay the opening of the new en-route centre."

Prospect is meeting the Health and Safety Executive and NATS on 23 January to find solutions which will not only allow the smooth transfer of operational control from West Drayton to Swanwick on Sunday, but ensure that any health and safety defects are put right as quickly as possible.