We’re not all bureaucrats, say civil servants


We’re not all bureaucrats, say civil servants

Commenting on the budget announcements on public services, Prospect general secretary Paul Noon said: "Nobody would argue with the need for genuine efficiencies – but not cost-driven cuts.

"It is a myth that all public servants are bureaucrats working in backroom offices. Government priorities on the environment, transport, defence and health can only be delivered by professionals. They are the true front line and they are all public servants. They must not fall victim to swingeing attacks on waste and bureaucracy. They need more resources, not less.

"The government’s programme of change will not succeed unless it takes civil and public servants with them. It needs to engage more effectively with its own staff and their representatives or their plans are doomed to fail."

Prospect represents 105,000 members in specialist grades, including 40,000 civil and public servants.