Strong demand from UK engineers for work down under


Strong demand from UK engineers for work down under

UK engineers and scientists have embraced the opportunity to work in Australia, according to specialist engineering recruitment agency, ETM-UK Ltd.

Since its launch in January as an international jobs exchange, ETM-UK has been approached by a growing number of UK professionals seeking employment in Australia.

Geoff De Lacy, General Manager of ETM-UK, said that in the first three months of operation, over 200 engineers had expressed an interest in working in Australia with more than 40 having already "packed their bags" and arrived.

De Lacy said: "The infrastructure boom which is occurring in Australia has resulted in strong demand for engineers. UK engineers are seen as adaptable and fit easily into the Australian work environment and lifestyle."

ETM has recently been engaged by the Queensland State Government in Australia to coordinate its efforts to recruit UK engineers for its massive infrastructure needs in roads, rail, ports and electricity.

Based in Chertsey, Surrey, ETM-UK is the joint venture of APESMA, a major professional engineering association in Australia and its UK equivalent, the Prospect union for professionals. De Lacy said that the backing of professional associations provided ETM with a strong advantage in being able to respond quickly to client needs and candidate interests.

Although there are immigration hurdles to working in Australia, the Australian Government has streamlined these for professionals and ETM has expertise in minimising timelines for migration to Australia.

As well as assisting UK engineers to work in Australia, ETM has also placed Australian engineers in UK and European firms. "This two-way traffic reflects the global nature of the engineering profession and the strong interest, particularly among young Australians, in working overseas," said De Lacy.