Prospect welcomes proposed new nuclear sites


Prospect welcomes proposed new nuclear sites

Nuclear union Prospect welcomed the announcement that the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has proposed four sites as suitable locations for new nuclear power stations.

Sellafield in Cumbria, Bradwell in Essex, Oldbury in Gloucestershire and Wylfa in Anglesey are the first sites to be named by the NDA as possible locations for part of the government’s vision for a new nuclear build programme.

On behalf of 15,000 scientists, engineers and specialists in the nuclear and radioactive waste management industry, Deputy General Secretary Mike Clancy said: “This is the next piece in the jigsaw and gives a clear picture of how the government intends to put in place a safe, secure and low-carbon energy supply for the future.

“It provides very positive news during this grim economic period given the high quality employment opportunities in manufacturing, construction, commissioning and operation that it will provide for workforces of today and the future.

“The union has long advocated locating new stations on existing sites as it provides a means to retain and build on the expertise already within each locality.”

But he warned that any programme of new build was closely linked to the government’s decommissioning strategy, which the union claims is threatened by a short-term approach to funding.

“As the NDA’s draft business plan for 2009-12 shows, the authority cannot even identify funding for its actions in three years time. New nuclear is the right way forward but it needs to be undertaken hand-in-hand with the clean-up of the UK nuclear liabilities.”

Prospect is calling for a completely new funding regime for the NDA, which takes into account the long-term planning required for the industry.