Private Fuel Benefit – proposals from Ericsson


Private Fuel Benefit – proposals from Ericsson

Prospect has been contacted by members in the MBNL area of Ericsson who have advised us that Ericsson is looking to remove their contractual entitlement to private use of a fuel card.

This would appear to be a significant change to terms and conditions and also to member's remuneration/employment package and as such your union takes such calls very seriously.

Having discussed this with a number of members over the last couple months we contacted Ericsson back in March to stress the need to consult properly with us on this issue, and explained why consultation was important, not just as a matter of contractual law but to ensure that the business did all it could to identify and deal with issues. In addition we wished to help the business avoid the pitfalls of failing to consult meaningfully, particularly when there remained serious questions outstanding on an emotive subject. Unfortunately we have not received a response from the company.

We understand that the business is proposing to send individual letters out from the end of this week with a request to employees to confirm acceptance of the proposed changes to start paying for private fuel.

Given the number and nature of queries into the union, Prospect is seeking a meeting with Ericsson at the earliest opportunity to engage in meaningful consultation about the proposals.

Until that happens our advice to members is to not sign an agreement to vary your contract and to be clear that you expect Ericsson to engage with the recognised union on this issue. We will provide updates to members when appropriate.

If you have any queries please contact