Ericsson Contractual Private Use/Fuel Cards and other Vehicle Issues


Ericsson Contractual Private Use/Fuel Cards and other Vehicle Issues

Prospect and Ericsson have now met to seek a way forward on these issues.

Prospect was represented by Dave Rennie and Joe Atkin along with myself.

The initial meeting was constructive and we have agreed to hold further formal meetings to negotiate over proposals to vary contractual terms on private use of vehicles/fuel cards for employees working on the MBNL contract over the coming weeks.

The intention of both Prospect and Ericsson is to work together professionally to reach an acceptable agreement. If we can achieve that then we would expect changes to become incorporated into employees contracts through the collective bargaining process. Clearly in order to do that we'll be looking to agree an appropriate outcome for members.

We have expressed concerns about the current timescales for people to sign for new vehicles, particularly as Ericsson have stressed the intention to have 'informed choice' for employees. While much has been discussed by other forums for some time, consultation with Prospect has only just started, so we have asked the business to consider extending its deadlines should we encounter delays in reaching agreement.

A number of other operational and practical issues related to vehicle use were raised on behalf of members. Ericsson has committed to add these to a detailed FAQ which is currently being prepared. As these issues are being raised at the same time in other field services areas, Ericsson has agreed to look into the feasibility of setting up a joint users forum to work on common outstanding questions which would include your Prospect reps along with other Prospect reps working on other contracts.

We will seek to provide further updates as we continue discussions and put any further formal proposals to members. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Dave Rennie, Joe Atkin or myself.