Prospect will ballot on pensions strike


Prospect will ballot on pensions strike

Prospect is to ballot members in the civil service on industrial action this autumn in protest at the government’s plans to impose an increase in pensions contributions from April 2012

The decision to seek authority for national strike action on 30 November, with the option for further action if there is no positive movement from the government, was taken unanimously by Prospect’s civil service sector executive, representing 34,000 specialists and professionals.

Dai Hudd, Prospect Deputy General Secretary, said: “Prospect will be asking members to join the TUC’s national day of action because of the unfairness of the government’s proposals and the lack of progress in negotiations.

“Our meeting focused on the absence of any meaningful negotiation on the crucial issues, such as contribution rates, pension age, transitional protection or accrual. If the government is serious about reaching agreement on pensions it has to listen to the views of its staff and make moves in their direction, otherwise the so-called consultation exercise is just a sham.”

Progress in the negotiations has been hampered by the government not providing key actuarial data necessary to cost the civil service pension scheme.

The Prospect ballot will run from 24 October-14 November. Prospect is urging all its members to reply to the official consultation exercise, opposing the government’s proposals to impose a 3.2% contribution increase over the next three years, starting next April.

The government consultation exercise runs until 20 October. Prospect continues to press ministers to amend their proposals in a way that would lift the need for industrial action.