Aspect education union votes to transfer into Prospect


Aspect education union votes to transfer into Prospect

Members of a 4,000-strong union for professionals in education and children’s services have voted overwhelmingly in favour of transferring into Prospect from January 2012.

Ninety-three per cent of Aspect members voted in favour of the transfer to Prospect, which represents 120,000 professionals, managers and specialists in the public and private sectors.

Welcoming the vote, Prospect Deputy General Secretary Mike Clancy said Aspect would become an autonomous professional group within Prospect. He added: “The overwhelming vote in favour of the transfer reinforces the synergy between our unions. We each represent key professionals, managers and specialists, who need the combined strength of a professional voice and trade union representation. 

“As a group within Prospect, Aspect will continue to look after the distinct interests of its members, at a time when education and children’s services face major challenges due to the contraction in spending by local authorities and related agencies.”

Aspect General Secretary John Chowcat added: “Aspect will be in a position to maintain its specialist professional focus and identity, while benefiting from access to stronger resources to support its members in the field. We look forward to a strong and fruitful partnership.”

Many Aspect members are school improvement professionals working for local authorities as independent consultants. It also represents early years professionals and advisers, advisory headteachers, directors and managers of children’s services, education welfare officers, social care professionals, senior youth and community officers and Ofsted inspectors.

Prospect members work as engineers, scientists, managers and specialists in areas as diverse as agriculture, communications, defence, energy, environment, heritage, industry and transport.