Health and safety warning on Prospect TV


Health and safety warning on Prospect TV

Prospect's concerns about the scale of coalition cuts to the budget of the Health and Safety Executive are outlined in a filmed interview with Prospect deputy general secretary Mike Clancy. In it Clancy points out that for years, the HSE has been trying to do the same for less, and that the new funding cuts of 35 per cent go too far.

The biggest issue of concern is the expected fall in the number of proactive inspections of workplaces, he says. Others are:

  • the need for proper evidence to support the outcome of the Lofstedt review of health and safety regulation. Prospect's own response to Lofstedt has stressed that health and safety law is not a burden, and emphasises the importance of worker consultation - for more see the union's news release and submission

  • the extension of cost recovery measures beyond existing areas.

Watch the interview here.