Airwave MPG Pay Review Additional Spend: Sept 1 2011


Airwave MPG Pay Review Additional Spend: Sept 1 2011

We have now reached an understanding with Airwave regarding the distribution of the additional 0.75% spend which was due to be paid on Sept 1, as part of our earlier publicised agreement.

Members will be aware that Prospect and Airwave had not reached agreement in time for September, but have reached the stage now where payment will be made in time for the October payroll and backdated to September.

The budget for this review is 0.75% of the overall MPG pay bill. The additional salary reviews are being driven by a matrix which provides for a range of increases depending on performance as follows:

APR 3: 0.25 - 0.75%

APR4: 0.25 -1.50 %

APR5: 0.25 - 3 %

Salary increases are going to vary according to performance mark, but with some discretion. This will take into account peer group, with an eye to colleagues doing similar roles - where a comparator is available and applicable. In which case, members doing the same role as colleagues with a similar level of performance may receive a greater share of the pay budget than those higher on the MPG salary scale.

Where there is no internal comparator, individual performance and line management discretion is likely to be more significant in the level of the award.

As previously reported, both Airwave and Prospect have a number of concerns about the MPG pay scales. They are long scales and salaries vary greatly along that scale. We are concerned that the MPG makes little sense and that there are a number of pay anomalies as a result of this system. There are a number of historic explanations for this, but the union is clear that we ought to engage in detailed discussions with Airwave to start putting it right.

Airwave are keen to use the external market as a reference point to managing salaries, but individual contribution, job weight and internal relativities must also play a part. Prospect remain clear that any new salary management approach must be straight forward and simple to understand, and any pay principles must be fair, transparent and consistently applied.

It is clear that this is a major job of work, and Prospect have committed to undertaking this with Airwave. As indicated to members on the "Tiffin break" call last week, it is going to be important that all members play a part in this - not just your local Reps and the National Office. We need your views and ideas to ensure that the Prospect representation is as effective as possible. Our commitment to members is to be open and honest and to keep members informed of any discussions with Airwave, so keep an eye out for our updates and please let us have your views. In addition, this is a good time to ensure that all MPGs are members of the union so we have a mechanism in place to hear all views, from all colleagues. So please talk to your friends and colleagues about being in the union, and encourage them to join up now if they haven't already. New members can join online at

In the meantime, Prospect will be asking Airwave for a review of this additional spend within the MPG. Airwave have committed to the union that the entire budget will be spent, and that we can expect to see variation in the distribution of awards. We will want to be reassured of these points.

If you have any questions on any of this detail, you're concerned about your individual position, or want to get more involved in the work of Prospect please get in touch via the usual channels:

E-Mail: [email protected]

Phone: 020 8971 6060 for the Prospect Helpdesk.