Conservative MP raises R&D concerns over FSS closure


Conservative MP raises R&D concerns over FSS closure

Michael Fabricant, Conservative MP for Lichfield, has written to the government raising concerns about the closure of the Forensic Science Service and its impact on research and development. He sent his letter to the attorney general and the Home Office Minister after meeting senior officials and lawyers - some from the FSS - who live in his constituency.

Fabricant said: "The government plans to wind down the national Forensic Science Service, which is based in Birmingham, transferring or selling off as much of its operations as possible.

"But I am now very concerned about the future of its research and development capability in which it leads the world, and the future of its DNA database."

Fabricant said while he was confident many private and profitable companies would be able to undertake DNA and other forensic analysis for police forces in the UK, he was "very concerned that the FSS research and development work which leads the world will be lost to this country."

He added that small forensic analysis firms would not be able to undertake futuristic work or adequately maintain the national database.

The BBC website also reported his concerns.

More than 23,500 people have now signed a petition opposing the closure.

  • 01 Feb 2011