Alan Bennett: Manx library support


Alan Bennett supports Manx library campaign

The campaign to stop cuts to library provision on the Isle of Man received an unexpected boost this week from Oscar nominated screenwriter, playwright, actor and author Alan Bennett.

Bennett has been a strong supporter of campaigns to keep libraries open in North West London, and personally sent press cuttings and a handwritten message to campaigners to the Island.

 He sais: “An interview I did for Camden New Journal says all I want to say about libraries – and which applies equally to the Isle of Man as to NW1. All good wishes and with every support, Alan Bennett.”

Bennett has indicated in interviews that children are vital users of libraries and stressed the importance of free access to books for a lifetime cannot be underestimated – particularly for those without access to computers.

Negotiations officer, Angela Moffattsaid: “It was pretty unexpected to be honest – and was sent in a recycled envelope and with a postcard of the Yorkshire Dales. So a very efficient and quick response from him! I think the opinions he has expressed on library closures in the UK are almost weirdly in sync with the situation here. I think the question here is whose opinion do you trust more on this? Alan Bell?  Or Alan Bennett?”

Members of the public have set up an online petition to save the library services

A Facebook group has been created to save the libraries -  - Libraries

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Paper petitions can be obtained by emailing