Where's the vision for science?


Where's the Conservative vision on science and innovation?

The revolution will not be televised – and nor will the Conservative party conference debate on science and innovation – because there isn't one.


On behalf of 68,000 scientists, engineers and technologists across the UK, Prospect has questioned why these key drivers for growth are not even on the agenda for the conference.

Sixteen Ministers are listed to speak but David Willetts is not amongst them despite the importance of science and universities to our economic future.

Sue Ferns, Prospect's Head of Research said: "Our message to Conservative MPs is go back to your constituencies and talk to your scientists, engineers and technologists about how innovation can stimulate growth."

To help them find their way, Prospect has produced a series of maps which plot the UK's public interest science labs and facilities by sector and status.

"Given that Government itself doesn't even know how many scientists and engineers it employs, we hope the maps will help create awareness of the science and engineering resources we do have – and inspire people to find out more."

The maps, under the heading 'public interest science mapped out' are a starting point. Prospect will continue to monitor the state of public interest science and update these resources.

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