Prospect launches Scottish referendum forum


Prospect launches referendum conversation with Scottish members

Prospect, the union for 11,000 professionals and specialists in Scotland, has today (Friday) launched a referendum information resource for members in the months leading up to the vote on independence in September, 2014.

The union has created a website forum for members that provides advice, information and guidance on the possible impact of independence on their working lives and for those who want to join the debate about the referendum. 

The union set up panels to cover its main areas of membership across Scotland: aviation; defence; education; energy; environment; government; health and safety; heritage; science and telecommunications. The panels drew up questions for the two campaign groups - Yes Scotland and Better Together - to respond to nearer the referendum date. Prospect will also invite the two campaigns to address members' concerns.

National Secretary Anne Douglas said: "Prospect is determined to provide impartial advice and information to its members in Scotland. The forum will provide that or direct members to where they can find it. It also includes links to relevant reports from all interested parties. Prospect aims to be there for members, whatever the referendum outcome."

Prospect represents thousands of members working across Scotland: in the Ministry of Defence and the private sector defence industry; in airports through Highlands and Islands Ltd; Scottish Government; in the agriculture, environment and heritage sectors and the nuclear energy and electricity supply sector. 

Sample questions include: How will terms and conditions for defence industry staff look post referendum? What do you believe will be the impact on Scotland's security of electricity supply if there are different regulatory regimes north and south of the border?

Visit the forum at: