Prospect joins STUC call for a just Scotland


Prospect joins Scottish TUC call for a just Scotland

Prospect has today welcomed the Scottish TUC's report 'A Just Scotland 2' as charting a fair way forward for equality and social justice.

This is trade union week at the Scottish Parliament.  Prospect, which represents 11,000 professionals and specialists in Scotland, also used the opportunity to bring its Prospect Pledge campaign to Scottish MSPs.

Anne Douglas, national secretary, said: “Whatever the outcome of the independence referendum, Prospect – like the STUC – believes the agenda of working people must not be forgotten. We are not telling our members how to vote, but today’s report sets out a vision for a Scotland founded on social justice and equality.

“This chimes in with our own Prospect Pledge campaign, which aims to persuade MSPs from all parties to back fairness for professionals and specialists in the workplace.

“Yesterday we asked them to support an increase in the proportion of women employed in science, technology, engineering and maths from the current 13% to 30% by 2020. We are also seeking procurement policies that protect workplace rights; more investment in energy sector skills; and fairer ways of determining the pay of skilled public servants.”

Prospect’s own Scotland committee is considering the implications of constitutional change for members across key sectors such as defence, energy, telecoms and government service. “Our questions will be put to both sides of the campaign,” said Douglas. “We will publicise their answers to members to inform their voting decisions.”

MSPs back Prospect Pledge

Among the first MSPs to back the Prospect Pledge campaign are Elaine Murray, Patricia Ferguson, Mary Fee, Jackie Baillie and Lewis MacDonald.

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