Sustainable aviation policy gets conference backing


Sustainable aviation policy gets conference backing

Conference endorsed a call for Prospect to support and promote a sustainable UK aviation policy.

Mover Suresh Tewari (Air Traffic Systems Specialists) said: “Aviation plays a part in all our lives, shapes the UK economy and provides jobs for tens of thousands of workers.”

Defending London’s role as a hub airport, Tewari said it should not be “aviation at any cost, either environmental or price”. Instead there should be an evidence-based approach that supports the UK’s economic sustainability.

Endorsing the motion Allan Wales (Scottish Power) raised concerns about the corporate takeover of UK airspace. Describing himself as an “enthusiastic leisure user”, Wales said it would be “equivalent to Stagecoach taking over the motorways”.

Sheila Fitzpatrick (Atos Origin) agreed that supporting a hub airport was important for the UK economy but warned about the risks from NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard).

Highlighting the importance of aviation to the UK economy, Mike Reed (NATS Air Traffic Control Officers) reminded delegates that the Iceland volcano eruption and resulting chaos showed how important air travel is to everyone’s lives.