Prospect celebrates 40 years of HSW Act


Prospect celebrates 40th Anniversary of the Health & Safety at Work Act

Prospect is marking the 40th Anniversary of the Health and Safety at Work Act, which received its Royal Assent on 31 July 1974.

Prospect, which represents members working in a range of safety critical industries, as well as professionals involved in front line safety enforcement, is today celebrating the benefits of this legislation.

Since its introduction, the number of fatalities in workplaces across the economy has fallen by 85 per cent and the number of injuries at work by 77 per cent.

Garry Graham, Prospect’s deputy general secretary said: “This visionary and enduring piece of legislation has saved countless lives and helped protect workers from serious injury. Today, we publish ‘40@40 from the frontline’ citing how this enduring piece of legislation is as important as ever in seeking to ensure that workplaces are safe.”

Graham added that, while the 40th Anniversary of the Health and Safety at Work Act was a cause for celebration, this was not a time for complacency.

“There are those who seek to characterise health and safety as a burden on business. In reality, promoting the highest standards of health and safety not only provides vital protection to workers and the public, but is, ultimately, sound business practice.”

Download our ‘40@40 from the frontline’ PDF: