Homeworkers need a pay rise, too!


Homeworkers need a pay rise, too!

A march and rally is taking place in October in support of the TUC's 'Britain needs a pay rise' campaign. Prospect will be there: can you join us, too?

The TUC's march and rally takes place on October 18th and Prospect will be joining in to call for an economic rally that works for everyone, not just those at the top.

In the last fifteen years, the gap between those on average wages for the UK, which was already sizable, has become huge. Britain has become a much more unequal society as a result, while a growing economy, and an end to austerity, requires people to have more money in their pockets to spend to support our jobs and services.

Prospect General Secretary, Mike Clancy, has made a short video explaining Prospect's support for the march, and inviting you to attend. Do have a look and, if you'd like to join us on the day, do let us know.

It's time that all the working people of Britain benefit from the recovery. Hope to see you there!