Jersey civil servants to pay for States' mistakes


Making Jersey civil servants pay for States' mistakes is unacceptable, says Prospect

Jersey civil servants fear they are being asked to bear the brunt of the failure of the States to properly organise income and expenditure, despite being warned years ago about a looming budget shortfall.

The comments came when a meeting yesterday (Thursday) between the unions representing the States’ employees and management ended after officials refused to enter into any form of pay negotiations or discuss the unions’ costed proposals.

Speaking on behalf of specialists and professionals among the States’ employees, Prospect's negotiator for Jersey, Bob King, said: “The need for additional revenue to run public services has not come about overnight.

“But the States’ negligence in not addressing this issue earlier becomes even more offensive because of the decision to effectively impose a pay cut on the very people it expects to carry public services through this difficult period.

“Employees have been offered no recompense for the increased cost of living, their continued commitment to reform or the increases in average salaries for comparable posts outside Jersey.

“Yet they continue to maintain an excellent service despite increased workloads as key posts are being left vacant and while supporting the States’ programme of job modernisation.

King said the unions had been shocked by the obdurate position adopted by management, seemingly preferring to allow public servants to shoulder the burden for the funding shortfall.

“The States of Jersey is risking its relationship with its staff, who have worked tirelessly to assist in efficiencies across the civil service, and may now reconsider whether that was time well spent.

“We will continue to press the States to change its stance and enter into any negotiations."

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