DVSA members take industrial action


Prospect members in DVSA to take industrial action

Prospect members at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency have given formal notice of their intention to take industrial action, after the chief executive refused to discuss the imposition of new terms and conditions.

The DVSA’s frontline staff, whose important work includes inspecting heavy goods vehicles and certifying MOT test centres, are being forced to accept the new employment contracts as part of the employer’s New Generation Testing strategy.

NGT itself, which shifts the testing of vehicles to third-party sites rather than on DVSA property, is not an issue for members – indeed testing has been carried out at customer sites for many years.

However, the strategy is being used to force staff to swallow new contracts with different terms and conditions without any negotiation. DVSA management has repeatedly refused to meet with Prospect reps or DVSA staff to discuss the matter.

Alastair Peoples, the chief executive of the DVSA, told reps that he could “see no value in a meeting with Prospect”.

In her letter to Peoples today, Helen Stevens, Prospect negotiator, wrote:

“It is apparent that the roll out of NGT isn’t working. Not enough people are attracted by the new contract and DVSA is having to recruit, while at the same time putting people at risk of redundancy.

“We fail to understand how it could be acceptable for DVSA to contemplate wasting money on severances, when there is testing work to do and being done by existing staff, and why DVSA does not want to retain its experienced specialist staff.”

Stevens also stresses that the union and its members are “ready to meet” with Peoples at any time. She has also written to Philip Rutman, permanent secretary at the Department for Transport.

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