PCS National Gallery Strike Action


PCS National Gallery Strike Action

On 31 July 2015 the National Gallery announced the transfer of Visitor Engagement and Security to Securitas. As a result PCS has called for indefinite strike action.

Prospect was disappointed agreement could not be reached over an in-house bid but we will continue to be involved in discussions affecting our members. As a point of principle we are opposed to privatising services in this way.

Prospect is sending a message of support to our PCS colleagues at the National Gallery as they continue their protest against privatisation at the Gallery. Prospect (Trade Union) has been campaigning for better investment in Heritage, noting that public funds produce an excellent return by way of tourism and well-being. We know that this commercial decision has its basis in the on-going cuts from Government funding, and we call on George Osborne to take a longer term strategic view when it comes to funding the Nations Museums and Galleries – from which we all benefit. In the meantime, we hope for an early solution to this dispute and we wish our colleagues who are directly affected by it the very best of luck and solidarity.

Caroline Hemmington