DVSA staff vote for strike action


Frontline DVSA staff vote for industrial action

Prospect members at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency have voted overwhelmingly for industrial action following a breakdown in talks with management over pay, terms and conditions.

DVSA staff

The action will disrupt the following frontline activities:

  • driving tests
  • annual (MOT) testing for heavy goods vehicles and passenger service vehicles, such as buses and coaches
  • specialist schemes, such as individual vehicle approvals
  • roadside enforcement activities.

The action could have a significant knock-on effect in other areas, such as delivering goods to shops, public transport on buses and coaches and London’s cycle safety campaign.

Helen Stevens, Prospect negotiator, said, “Prospect has been trying to reach an agreement with DVSA for months and industrial action is our last resort.

“The agency, supported by the Department for Transport, seems determined to railroad detrimental changes to terms, conditions and pay on its staff.

“Our hard-working DVSA members are frustrated by management’s intransigence. We have tried everything to resolve this and we do not want our action to have an impact on the public, but we have no choice.”

Prospect members voted overwhelmingly for both strike action and action short of strike. The turnout and support for action exceeded the strike ballot thresholds proposed in the Trade Union Bill.

Prospect has notified DVSA that industrial action will start on Friday 20 November, with a short strike from 8am to 11am, followed by an indefinite work to rule.

“Our members are dedicated specialists who work day and night, in all weather conditions, to ensure HGVs and PSVs are safe and to deliver driving tests for the public,” said Stevens.

“Prospect wants to meet DVSA management to resolve this dispute. However, our members are angry and worried and have made it clear that they are determined to protect their jobs, the agency and road safety.

“Sadly, industrial action now appears inevitable,” she concluded.

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