DVSA update – December 2015


Prospect, PCS and DVSA in discussions with conciliation service

Prospect, PCS and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency have agreed to engage in discussions with the conciliation service, ACAS on a range of issues in dispute.

The three organisations have all committed to full and open discussion on:

  • Resourcing – staffing levels and strategic workforce planning
  • Deployment – start and finish times.

Next Generation Testing

  • Working and travel time
  • Protocols for scheduling
  • Flexibility and appropriate reward, including use of vehicle and equipment
  • Application of travel and subsistence rules.

Both sides also agree to further discussions to progress the working together agreement.

The Department for Transport and DVSA agree that facilities arrangements for Prospect and PCS representatives in DVSA will be made available in accordance with departmental policy, including time off to attend trade union side meetings. 

In addition DVSA and PCS have agreed to discuss the use of the 37-hour week for Driving Examiner staff including:

  • productivity and types of activity
  • working times
  • reasonable adjustments
  • flexibility over working hours.

DVSA and PCS agree that for the duration of talks, staff in dispute over the working of an eight-hour day may choose to work a 35-hour week, of seven hours a day and be paid accordingly.

This will not be treated as partial performance or industrial action and will not change their status to part-time and they will retain the right to revert to a 37-hour week. 

DVSA accept that where contractual issues are in dispute, the position of PCS and Prospect members is that work is carried out ‘under duress’, as previously advised.

  • DVSA confirms that no disciplinary action will be taken where staff refuse to follow instructions over issues that are in dispute. However, partial performance will apply.
  • Grievances and detriment incurred under partial performance will be reviewed as part of this dispute resolution process. 

As a result, Prospect and PCS have agreed to suspend all other forms of industrial action for the duration of the talks. 

All parties have agreed to resume talks in the week beginning 4 January 2016.