Workplace environmental sustainability agreement signed at Devonport


Prospect leads the way on workplace environmental sustainability at Devonport Royal Dockyard

Thirty five Prospect environmental representatives at Devonport Royal Dockyard broke new ground by signing a formal agreement on environmental sustainability with the employer/s and site management.

Environmental Charter Signing

The agreement signed by the Ministry of Defence, Interserve and Babcock Marine and Technology with Prospect, GMB and Unite signals a commitment to be stewards of the planet's natural resources and allow formal participation in the aims and ambitions to:

    • reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions
    • use available resources and legislation to reduce air, land, water and noise pollution
    • identify a mixed transport strategy that promotes clean car technology, public transport, cycling and walking
    • use risk methodology to identify and reduce the potential risks of environmental accidents, and
    • minimise consumption, optimise resources and responsibly dispose of waste.

Prospect participation includes representation on the environment management committee, energy efficiency group, waste management, water management and new builds on site.

Outside of formal workplace activity, the environment representatives have initiated community-based activity including visits to a waste incineration plant and a beach clean-up event attracting local media coverage.

The ‘getting started’ resource outlines how this work was initiated. You can download the report and agreement from Prospect's website.