The punishment of civil servants must end now – Mike Clancy


The punishment of civil servants must end now – Mike Clancy

Mike Clancy, Prospect general secretary, took the concerns of Prospect members working in the civil service to the Trade Union Congress meeting in Brighton.

Prospect general secretary Mike Clancy

Appealing to other trade unions for their support for the public sector, Mike told the TUC:

“We are clear that the punishment of civil servants through the pay cap, resource reductions and workload increases has to end now.

“We have all the statistics, a 15% drop in real income; survey evidence of wide recruitment difficulties and a long hour’s culture impacting wellbeing.

“A civil service increasingly looking like a badly run private company.

“We anticipate the ending of the pay cap but that is only the start given the years of spending constraint. Because it is more than just pay; it’s about valuing the civil service, having a vision for its future and investing in its people.

“That is why Prospect has launched our vision for a modern civil service. This addresses the size and role of the state; pay; development; employment terms and status. It’s about the reinvigoration of confidence amongst civil servants that their political leadership understand their contribution and the obligations they have to them.”

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