Ten things you didn’t know about Prospect’s work in transport


Ten things you didn’t know about Prospect’s work in transport

Dave Allen, Prospect negotiations officer, talks about the union’s work in the transport sector.

Dock worker

Who does Prospect represent in transport?

We represent an incredibly wide range of members across the transport industry, from those building, regulating and patrolling our motorway network, to monitoring and inspecting air, rail and sea ways. There’s also the regulation of haulage on our roads, accident investigation work, and even the lighthouses and buoys in the sea.

How many members do we represent in transport?

Throughout the transport sector Prospect represents more than 1,500 members working in a wide range of professions.

What are the top three issues in transport?

There are now unprecedented levels of capital investment in road and rail building, so ensuring that there are sufficiently skilled staff in all disciplines is critical.

Increasing the role of women and workers from a BAME background in these disciplines.

Brexit means that much of the pan-European safety and industry standards require attention.

Is Prospect doing any specific campaigning in transport now?

We are working with all our employers to increase the flow of good quality apprenticeships to meet the requirement for skilled workers to deliver the capital investment programme and to increase the number of women working in transport.

What does Prospect think are likely to be the big issues in transport over the next five years?

The requirement for a massive increase in skilled workers will remain a major factor, as will be the dramatic rise in the use of smart technology governing users’ experience of road and rail transport.

Who are some of the big companies that Prospect deals with?

We represent members throughout the Department of Transport, including Highways England, TfL and others.

Are most of our members permanent or freelance employers?

Our members tend to be established staff, with a small number working on fixed terms contracts to see individual capital investment projects through to completion.

How do we support members in transport?

We have a clear working relationship with employers on the skills agenda and supporting the greater use of professional development and apprentices. We also have regular feedback into the transport select committee on a range of issues.

Any recent success stories?

Establishing a cross industry apprenticeship scheme with the DfT to deliver high quality schemes to assist the industry.

Why should someone in transport join Prospect?

We continue to represent specialists and professionals in transport, supporting their own personal development and improving transport for the nation. We ensure that their voice is heard in this time of change.