We need properly resourced and fairly paid public servants


We need properly resourced and fairly paid public servants Prospect tells MPs

Prospect makes the case for public sector pay in Parliament

Giving evidence to the Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee Prospect deputy general secretary Garry Graham spoke up for members working in public services arguing for a properly resourced and fairly paid civil service.

Garry Graham told MPs on the committee “There has got to be a fundamental step change on pay.”

He highlight that civil servants have been hard hit by removal of pay progression by the government. He called once again for the Cabinet Office to publish the independent research that it has that pay and benefits in the public sector is falling behind that in the private sector, telling MPs “this is not a sustainable approach for the future”.

Given the overwhelming evidence on the impact of the pay cap he branded those who ignore the damage it is doing as a “liar or a fool”.

He added: “Ministers often laud the private sector but no reputable employer I deal with in the private sector would see this as a coherent reward strategy that paves the way to corporate success for an organisation.”

You can view the whole of the hearing in Westminster on the Parliament website here.

Back the campaign to scrap the public sector pay cap here.