Garry Graham welcomes report into defence contribution to the economy


Garry Graham welcomes report into defence contribution to the economy

New report to be published detailing value of UK defence sector to economy

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Garry Graham, deputy general secretary of leading defence trade union Prospect, responding to Philip Dunne’s report into the economic contribution of UK defence, said:

“The report is a strong rallying call for increased defence investment and a long-term strategy to ensure that we both keep our country safe and back the high-skilled jobs that support our armed forces.

“The UK has always been a world-leader in national security and defence procurement, but it cannot continue to do so without leadership and investment.

“The defence industry makes a huge contribution to economic prosperity and creating high-skilled jobs across the UK.

“Trade unions have been vital to the success of the defence industry working with employers and making the case for investment across the UK. I would like to thank Philip Dunne and his team for working with Prospect and the other unions in the defence sector.

“It is now time for the government to demonstrate that it has truly understood this lesson by ensuring the key defence contracts are used to support jobs and prosperity in the UK, rather than work being sent abroad to achieve headline savings. The first test of this commitment will be the contract for the new Fleet Solid Support Ships.”

 Read more about the report here.