Neurodiversity campaign work to continue


Neurodiversity campaign work to continue

Neurodiversity campaigning will continue – with a particular focus on performance management, national conference decided

Rod Owen (UKRI) explained that many people in work need the support outlined in the motion. He talked movingly about his own experience of performance management techniques.

Debbie Gosman (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) spoke about successful work she has done to get reasonable adjustments for people with Aspergers and other forms of neurodiversity.

Kazimir Bielecki (BECTU writers, producers, and directors) listed successful neurodiverse people including Apple founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

 Delegates backed the motion calling on the national executive committee to “endeavour to ensure” that:

  • ‘neurodiversity friendly’ workspaces are provided
  • neurodivergent members are given reasonable adjustments tailored for the individual and are supported through times of change.
  • It also called on the union to try to engage with employers to ensure that performance management supports neurodivergent members and is not a punitive mechanism.