Civil service unions issue press statement on allegations against Alex Salmond


Civil service unions react to allegations against the former First Minister

Civil service unions have issued a statement to members employed by Scottish ministers, Scottish NDPBs and the Scottish Parliament after last night’s news about former First Minister Alex Salmond


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Commenting on behalf of all three unions (PCS, Prospect and the FDA) representing more than 5,000 workers across the Scottish civil and public services, STUC president and PCS national officer, Lynn Henderson said: “Whilst we can’t comment on the detail because there’s a legal process underway, I want to reiterate that all workers have the right to go to work without fear of harassment be it sexual or otherwise. 

"Any kind of behaviour that undermines these basic rights of working people will not be tolerated by our unions or the trade union movement as a whole. 

"Regardless if it’s in Hollywood or in Holyrood, harassment at work is an epidemic. Over fifty per cent of women have experienced sexual harassment at work and four out of five do not report it to the employer. 

"If you’ve experienced harassment of any kind, I urge you to speak to a union representative.

"If you’re worried about speaking up, your union will protect you. The confidentiality and strength in numbers a trade union can provide offers protection for any member.”

Prospect national secretary for Scotland, Richard Hardy, added: "We cannot reiterate enough, everybody is entitled to dignity at work no matter where they work, or who they work with. If any union member has faced this behaviour in their workplace we promise you our full support and urge you to speak out about it."