London archaeologists to vote on industrial action


London archaeologists to vote on industrial action

Prospect will be balloting Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) members over support for industrial action after they rejected their annual pay offer.

MOLA made two pay offers to staff in London and Northampton in May. An overwhelming 87% of London members rejected their offer, citing the key reason as the 1.19% difference between the headline values of the London and Northampton offers.

Initially MOLA rejected a call for further negotiations over the London offer, notifying Prospect in June that it would be imposed.

Following an indicative industrial action ballot and a petition signed by the majority of MOLA staff, MOLA have said they wish to resume discussions.

Prospect negotiator Andy Bye said: “We welcome the fact MOLA want to return to the negotiating table. The current offer does not fully address the problem of the differential between the London and Northampton pay awards, but hopefully we can resolve this dispute”

“Our London members face the higher costs of living in the capital.  It is essential that we make sure that they and future archaeologists are paid what their skills and knowledge deserve."