We want a decent pay rise, not a thank you letter say public servants


We want a decent pay rise, not a thank you letter say public servants

Prospect and the Cabinet Office are discussing guidance that will set the parameters for this year’s pay negotiations for thousands of civil servants and other public sector workers.

  • 07 May 2019
  • Pay

Prospect is pressing for guidance which will at least:

  • protect workers’ living standards in real terms
  • tackle structural problems in pay systems, such as a lack of pay progression
  • start to address the real-terms pay cuts members have endured over the past few years.

The union’s deputy general secretary Garry Graham said last year’s approach, which saw those covered by the guidance receiving some of the lowest pay increases in the public sector and broader economy, was unacceptable.

Although there has been notable movement in a number of areas, including those covered by the Scottish Government, the UK government continues to take a hard line.

“The Chancellor is boasting that pay across the wider economy is rising at its fastest rate in almost a decade (3.4%).

“At the same time, MPs received a consolidated and pensionable pay increase of 2.7% from 1 April. It is just not acceptable that those covered by the remit guidance have been singled out for particularly harsh treatment.

“This is against a backdrop where no government in peace time has been so reliant on the hard work and professionalism of the civil service and those working in the wider public sector.”

Members have also been angered by a letter from the prime minister thanking them for their hard work but which did not mention pay.

“Against the backdrop of  the increases in MPs’ pay, many members will see the letter as not only galling but hypocritical.

“The civil service has just been recognised internationally as the best in the world. It is about time staff were rewarded accordingly,” he concluded.