Unions launch survey to help working carers in Wales


Wales TUC and Carers Wales launch survey aimed at helping working carers

Roughly one in seven people are carers, many juggling paid work and their caring responsibilities – yet many employers might not be aware of how to deal with this in the workplace. 

Statistics on carers from a 2019 report by Carers UK found that:

  • 87 million people across the UK are juggling work and caring responsibilities
  • in Wales, this is an estimated 223,000 workers
  • nearly half a million people (468,000) across the UK have given up work over the past two years as a result of caring responsibilities
  • in Wales, 149,812 people have given up work to provide unpaid care and 74,906 people say they have reduced their working hours

Wales TUC wants to find out more and is surveying workers to discover what issues carers are dealing with in the workplace.

Rhianydd Williams, policy officer at Wales TUC, said: “So many people in Wales don’t see themselves as carers, but are looking after a relative or friend while still working full or part-time.

“We know how difficult it can be to work and care for someone. We think working carers should receive support and help at work so we want to find out what struggles they face and how employers can support them."

The Wales Trades Union Congress is the largest democratic, membership-based civic body in Wales and speaks for the 350,000 union members of its 49 affiliated unions. 

Complete the survey here.

You can download the Carers UK report, Juggling work and unpaid care: A growing issue, here.