Soulbury car user scheme warnings for local authorities


Soulbury car user scheme warnings for local authorities

Local authorities have been reminded that officers paid under the Soulbury agreement are likely to be specifically, or disproportionately, affected by any changes to car user schemes.

Parked cars

The importance of having a car for many Soulbury-paid officers was underlined in a circular issued by the Soulbury Committee to local authority chiefs in England and Wales at the start of 2020.

It read:

“Many Soulbury-paid officers may find it difficult to undertake their duties without the use of a car. In rural areas, particularly, the long distances travelled between schools and settings and very limited access to public transport during an average working day may mean that access to a car is essential for efficient use of officers’ time.

“In urban areas, many officers (in particular female officers) may need a car for their own personal safety due to the time or location of work engagements. In all areas, the weight and volume of resources which many officers are required to transport with them in order to complete their everyday duties may mean that reliance on public transport is impracticable and, therefore, car use is essential.”

The circular also reminded local authorities and employers that employers have a duty to make sure that their employees do not suffer stress-related illnesses as a result of the nature and amount of their work. 

Prospect members can find help and advice on the stress and mental health pages of the Prospect website. 

Soulbury Committee

The Soulbury Committee is a collective bargaining forum for the negotiation of salaries and conditions of service for local authority educational advisory staff and other specific professional staffs.

Prospect has the largest representation of the three different professional bodies on the Soulbury Committee.