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ID Document type Title Publication date
2023/00249 Press Release Template press release for local papers 06 March 2023
2023/00248 News release Public services industrial action template press release 06 March 2023
2021/00082 Information update (News) Prospect Scotland's membership grows for eight successive year 19 January 2021
2020/01175 Information update (News) Staff Networks 05 November 2020
2020/00534 Information update (News) Members' update on work in Scotland 14 April 2020
2020/00037 Information update (News) Prospect Scotland's membership grows for seventh successive year 09 January 2020
2019/01448 Information update (News) Prospect hosts green industrial revolution event 23 September 2019
2019/01447 Information update (News) How to double union membership in the private sector 23 September 2019
2019/01382 Leaflet/booklet The climate crisis – be part of the solution 12 September 2019
2019/01344 Information update (News) Tech workers need a collective voice 09 September 2019
2019/01343 Information update (News) TUC backs Prospect call for a duty to bargain 09 September 2019
2018/02141 Information update (News) The most rewarding thing you will ever do 19 December 2018
2018/01771 Leaflet/booklet Ten ways employers can address mental health at work 09 October 2018
2018/01725 Leaflet/booklet Ten ways employers can support workers going through the menopause 03 October 2018
2018/01713 Information update (News) Prospect in court to attend the judicial review we launched to challenge the government 02 October 2018
2018/01703 Information update (News) Prospect backs Better Work Better Lives 01 October 2018
2018/01524 Information update (News) Civil service unions issue press statement on allegations against Alex Salmond 24 August 2018
2018/01395 Information update (News) Protection at work – Why Prospect is the union for you 18 July 2018
2018/01376 Information update (News) New code for businesses does not go far enough on worker voice, Prospect warns 16 July 2018
2018/01228 Information update (News) Could one rep's mission to save Trawsfynydd change the face of UK energy? 27 June 2018
2018/01213 Information update (News) AI could increase productivity and deliver better public services, but workers must be involved now 22 June 2018
2018/01163 Information update (News) New proposals on employee engagement 'totally inadequate' Prospect warns 14 June 2018
2018/01061 Information update (News) Join Prospect’s Mike Clancy to discuss the implications of AI across public services 31 May 2018
2018/00847 Information update (News) Britain isn’t delivering for working people - join us to march for a new deal for working people 02 May 2018
2018/00811 Information update (News) Change the law to prevent sexual harassment at work, Prospect’s head of legal tells MPs 27 April 2018
2018/00779 Information update (News) Prospect calls for UK AI Council following sector deal 26 April 2018
2018/00512 Information update (News) United Utilities workers set to strike 16 March 2018
2018/00490 Information update (News) Spring statement a missed opportunity 13 March 2018
2018/00461 Information update (News) Prospect integral to reducing BT gender pay gap 08 March 2018
2018/00415 Information update (News) Prospect takes members' issues to Scotland's First Minister 06 March 2018