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Document type: Information update (News)

There are 2513 documents that match the specified criteria.

ID Document type Title Publication date
2019/00569 Information update (News) Commons committee singles out BT for criticism over fat cat pay 26 March 2019
2019/00561 Information update (News) Tate workers to vote on strike action over pay 25 March 2019
2019/00547 Information update (News) SONI staff vote for strike action 22 March 2019
2019/00544 Information update (News) A short Brexit delay will achieve very little warns Prospect 22 March 2019
2019/00539 Information update (News) HIAL negotiations limited by ministers' instructions 21 March 2019
2019/00496 Information update (News) Union ballot launched for BT members to reject its People Framework plans 14 March 2019
2019/00491 Information update (News) Cautious welcome for public sector pensions legacy funding report 13 March 2019
2019/00489 Information update (News) Prospect members take Natural England campaign to parliament 12 March 2019
2019/00478 Information update (News) Without adequate financing for Natural England the chancellor's commitment to biodiversity is worthless 11 March 2019
2019/00476 Information update (News) Supportive managers key to recovery from ill health 11 March 2019
2019/00475 Information update (News) Employees racked up £32 billion in unpaid overtime in 2018 11 March 2019
2019/00472 Information update (News) Happy International Women’s Day 08 March 2019
2019/00457 Information update (News) Offshore wind sector deal welcome but needs more on union role 07 March 2019
2019/00454 Information update (News) Seven-year legal battle brings discrimination victory for dozens of civil servants 06 March 2019
2019/00444 Information update (News) Air traffic controllers in the Highlands and Islands to strike on 26 April over pay 05 March 2019
2019/00430 Information update (News) Feeling the brisk wind of change 04 March 2019
2019/00428 Information update (News) Scottish Power’s record £2bn investment for clean energy 04 March 2019
2019/00427 Information update (News) MPs calling for equitable pay rises for their staff must also agree that our members deserve fair pay 01 March 2019
2019/00425 Information update (News) Prospect Air Traffic Controllers in HIAL vote overwhelmingly for industrial action on pay 01 March 2019
2019/00409 Information update (News) A 2.7% pay rise for MPs will only add to the anger and frustration of Prospect members 28 February 2019
2019/00403 Information update (News) "Let’s take advantage of the opportunities in renewables" 28 February 2019
2019/00402 Information update (News) Labour seeks input for green revolution 28 February 2019
2019/00397 Information update (News) Unions reach out to Sheffield’s young workers 27 February 2019
2019/00389 Information update (News) Unions united in calling for action on Brexit 27 February 2019
2019/00388 Information update (News) Prospect's aviation group to take safety campaign to Europe 26 February 2019
2019/00387 Information update (News) What would a no deal on Breixt mean for aviation? 26 February 2019
2019/00372 Information update (News) Prospect wins sex discrimination case against ONS 26 February 2019
2019/00324 Information update (News) Prospect negotiates a return to pay progression at James Hutton Institute 18 February 2019
2019/00317 Information update (News) Stop attacking pension rights, Prospect tells BT 14 February 2019
2019/00280 Information update (News) Body blow for Fife shipbuilding 07 February 2019