Museum of London specialists to strike


Museum of London specialists to strike

More than 200 Museum of London (MoL) employees begin a campaign of industrial action with a one-day strike on Monday 9 June, in protest at a 2007-08 pay award, which is 13 months late and, at 2%, is half the rate of inflation.

Staff at the Museum of London site and the Museum of London Archaeology Service (MoLAS) represented by the Prospect union voted by a majority of nine to one to strike. They will be demonstrating and leafleting the public outside the Museum on London Wall from 7am.

Prospect Negotiator Dave Allen said: ”Our members’ dedication to conveying the importance of London’s history and archaeology does not mean they will put up with antediluvian pay.

“The government has tied the museum’s hand at a time when it knew that a fair award was essential to retain specialist staff. For example, the museum’s bid for 5-6% was comparable to commercial archaeology units, who are recruiting extensively in the run-up to the Olympics, but was rejected by the Treasury.

“Historically the specialist expertise of our members in the heritage sector has never been matched by their pay – most are on lower incomes – but this year is a stretch too far. They are being asked to endure an effective pay cut at a time when they are harder hit than higher earners by cost of living increases as more of their income is taken up by rising food, energy, petrol and public transport costs.”

As well as pickets outside the museum, Prospect’s MoL members will join the Speak Up for Public Services rally taking place at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster to add their voices to the call for fair pay for public servants.

Prospect General Secretary Paul Noon will say in his address to the rally: "Key professional and specialist staff in government are being abused by their employer. Year-on-year real term pay cuts are not only unfair and demoralising to staff, but will also affect the crucially important work that they do."

The event will also be attended by Prospect members in the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency where 600 members are to be balloted on industrial action over pay and the threat of privatisation. Other public servants represented by Prospect taking industrial action over pay include the National Museum of Science and Industry and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.