Prospect calls for an end to contract delays


Prospect calls for an end to contract delays

The union representing 500 specialists at BAE Global Combat Systems has called on the government to end lengthy deliberations over defence contracts to prevent a further leaching of skills out of the industry.

Speaking on the announcement by BAE to shed over 1,100 jobs across its Military Air Solutions business, including Farnborough (Hampshire), Samlesbury (Lancs), Warton (Lancs) and the total closure of its site at Woodford (Cheshire), Prospect negotiator Tony Hammond said:

“We need the skills and capability in place to take advantage of any economic upturn and should not allow such vital capability to be lost for the country. At the moment, getting government to sign defence contracts in good time is a difficult task and, quite frankly, time wasted, for an industry struggling to cope.

“The announcement came as a shock, but as no surprise. The government should be keen on keeping defence manufacturing capability and intellectual property rights within the UK. It would protect jobs and investment in the defence infrastructure, whilst playing a crucial part in dragging the UK out of recession.”