AHRS/BSS Customer Contact/AL Learning Training Administration Team VR Programme


AHRS/BSS Customer Contact/AL Learning Training Administration Team VR Programme

Accenture is today launching a Voluntary Release programme with the aim of reducing headcount by 34 roles.

The programme is targeted and specifically aimed at the following services lines:

- HRBPO Recruitment

- HRBPO Safety Consultancy

- HRBPO Case Management

- HRBPO Reward

- BSS Customer Contact

- Learning Training Administration Team

Nevertheless, the programme is open to all permanent Accenture HR BPO Services (but not those in-scope of the BT Case Management TUPE), BSS Customer Contact and Learning Training Administration Team employees and Fixed Term employees (with more than 12 months service at the target release date of November 2010). While Accenture is committed to be as accommodating as possible with individual requests they do as ever, reserve the right to refuse individual applications.

The terms of the VR programme are the same as that on offer during the last AHRS VR round, namely:

- 2 weeks basic pay per full 6 months of completed service (as at the leave date) subject to a maximum of one year's basic salary and a minimum payment of 4 months basic pay for level Ds and below, or 6 months basic pay for As to Cs.

- Fixed Term Contractors with between 12 and 24 months service would receive a flat

- rate payment of 2 months basic salary.

However, unlike on previous occasions members may wish to note that individuals who leave Accenture or Accenture HR Services via Voluntary Release after 31 August 2010 will remain entitled to any payment due in relation to the FY10 Variable Pay (VP) and BPO Pay for Performance (P4P) schemes.

Prospect did press the company on increasing the one year cap and offering a higher financial incentive for people taking VR, but this was not accepted by the company who felt that the savings necessary would not thereby be realised.

Further details are available in the scheme Employee Guide.

The business has reached this decision due to a number of factors. These include:

- The need to reduce roles due to client demand and efficiencies identified.

- Offshoring - allowing the business to make costs savings by moving work offshore.

- Changing demand (i.e. decreasing demand) from clients.

We understand that each of the impacted areas will be taken through the business rationale for their area and provided with a confidential breakdown of the target reductions in terms of grade. This is highly sensitive information for the company and although it has been shared with the unions, we are unable to publish it to members.

- 29 July 2010 - VR launch (Accenture meetings with impacted areas and "all hands" conference call).

- 19 August - Window closes for VR application (23 Aug only for those on leave).

- 1 September - Applications accepted/rejected in principle.

- 6 September - individuals complete and return paperwork.

- Q1 Sept to Nov - earliest release dates under the VR programme.

Prospects position
We have had timely and detailed consultation with Accenture which is welcome, but we are of course concerned and disappointed that this situation has arisen. The union understands that particularly in the current economic climate members may are likely to view VR programmes with some anxiety. We welcome the company using a voluntary approach and a commitment to redeploy those directly affected who do not want to leave the company at this time.

This is likely to be a very personal decision about the needs and interests of each individual member and there is no "one size fits all" solution to this challenge. We recommend our members ensure they understand how they are affected by this announcement and start exploring what options are available as soon as possible.

Prospect welcomes your feedback, if you have any concerns, or you need further information or individual support, don't hesitate to contact us.

Your main Prospect Rep in Accenture is Phil Ruscoe - philip.ruscoe@accenture.com

You can also contact the Prospect Helpdesk on 020 8971 6060 or e-mail connect@prospect.org.uk