Work Your Proper Hours Day


Work Your Proper Hours Day

Today is Work Your Proper Hours Day – the day that if workers who regularly put in unpaid overtime worked all their free hours from the start of the year, the 24th Feb is first day they would get paid. 

24th of February. That’s a long time since New Year’s Eve.

Prospect in Openreach has been working hard talking to the business about working hours, we’ve debated whether roles are achievable within their contractual hours, and we support individuals who have concerns about job design or pressure to do more hours. So it’s very much part of our on-going programme in representing our members.

But, working time sometimes relies on you to take a lead and set your own boundaries between work and home. This is not something you can delegate. It also relies on you and your colleagues and deciding together that you are going to seek a better balance between work life, and home life. Then you support each other in achieving this. That’s what the union is all about.

How about starting today, by supporting Work Your Proper Hours Day.

This could mean, finishing work on time and meeting friends/colleagues before getting home. Maybe it means heading home early for a change and helping the kids with their homework or helping getting dinner ready. It might be time for you to play golf, to wind down and forget the stresses of the working week for a day or two.

How you choose to spend your time, is entirely up to you.

If you think you need more help on getting your working hours back in control, have a look at the Prospect Worktime Yourtime info on our website. It’s full of ideas and practical support.

The union’s helpdesk is available for members who need individual advice or support, so if your hours are taking too much of a toll on your life and you want to do something about it but are not sure where to start, call or e-mail us. We can help.

020 8971 6060 or

Finally, if you want to give us your feedback, or make any general comments about this or any other issue in Openreach then get in touch with Sarah Ward (National Officer) via