QinetiQ EDM garners support


Prospect urges support for early day motion over QinetiQ union ban

Prospect has welcomed the surge of support across political parties for a House of Commons Early Day Motion, which calls on defence contractor QinetiQ to step back from its intention to de-recognise unions at the company. The motion now has 37 signatories from MPs across four parties, including both coalition partners.

Deputy General Secretary Mike Clancy said: “When it is more important than ever for employers to work together with all stakeholders, it is counter productive to abandon a good working relationship with trade unions who represent the professional interests of thousands of highly skilled workers at the company. It may herald a period of instability at QinetiQ, which however, can be repaired by the company changing tack and start to talk to us again. That would be in the interest of QinetiQ and all staff at the company.

“The consensus being built is very welcome and Prospect calls on MPs in constituencies affected like West Worcestershire; Salisbury; Portsmouth North; Gosport and South Dorset, to come forward and sign the EDM.”

The text of the EDM and a list of all those MPs that have signed it to date can be found at the following link: http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2010-12/2803

National Secretary David Luxton said: “Many MPs have voiced their concerns about QinetiQ's union-busting tactics, particularly as the company now stands out as the only major defence contractor, relying on public funded contracts to the Ministry of Defence, to remove the right of employees to be collectively represented by trade unions.”