Work your proper hours


Get ready for Work Your Proper Hours Day on Friday 1 March

Work-life balance out of control?

If staff who regularly work unpaid overtime did all their extra hours from the start of the year they wouldn't get paid until 1 March 2013. The TUC has named this day Work Your Proper Hours Day to celebrate their hard work. Now in its ninth year, Work Your Proper Hours Day is a light-hearted campaign that celebrates the unsung - and unrewarded - hours that staff put in to help their employer and boost the UK economy.

work your proper hours day logoOn this Friday the TUC will be urging bosses to let their staff take a proper lunch hour and leave work on time, and to lead by example by working their proper hours too. Last year, the TUC found that employees across the UK worked nearly two billion unpaid hours, worth over £29bn to the economy.

This year Work Your Proper Hours Day will look at whether the amount of unpaid hours worked has risen or fallen in recent years, as well as which jobs and regions of the UK do the most unpaid overtime.

For more infomation and to check your balance:

Get involved!    Prospect is urging reps to use the day to promote the Prospect campaign: WorkTime YourTime. So have a look at the campaign website and choose the posters that work for your workplace. This is a chance for you to enhance your visibility and help draw attention to the potential harm long hours can have for your colleagues and constituents. 

Prospect reps can email for further advice on running this campaign.