Prospect publishes referendum questions


Prospect publishes referendum questions

Prospect has today published the questions which its working groups have drawn up to put to the two campaign groups.

Representatives of both campaigns have been invited to a meeting of Prospect's Scotland Committee on 2 May to meet reps and discuss their answers further.

The questions that we're asking can be found on our Scotland's Future pages, or else here (Prospect members will need to log in). Not all the questions which the working groups have identified could of course be incorporated into the final set, not least for reasons of presentation and coherence of the campaigns' written answers, so we have limited the number to three or four. Members' questions are many and all indeed remain valid - the working groups page contains the full lists for each one.

Prospect, which has a neutral stance on the referendum itself, is intending to gather as much information together as possible to assist members in their decisions on how to vote. The union will be there for members whatever the outcome of the referendum.