Have your say on government science and migrant workers’ job security


Have your say on government science and migrant workers’ job security

Prospect’s Science, Engineering and Sustainability Advisory Committee needs your input on the future of the Government Science and Engineering profession and job security for migrant workers in science, technology, engineering and maths roles.

The committee met in March 2016 and talked about how members could help shape the future of the Government Science and Engineering Profession (GSE).

The Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser will relaunch the GSE profession later this year. The aim is to give it a renewed identity and sense of purpose and ensure that resources are targeted to effectively support individuals’ needs without re-inventing the wheel or replacing what professional bodies already do.

Sue Ferns, Prospect deputy general secretary said: “Many Prospect members are already members of the GSE but many more are not yet involved. The GSE team wants to hear from existing members and non-members about what they would like from the profession.

“This is the first time that Prospect members have had the opportunity to influence GSE’s future scope and priorities. These views will be collected and used to draw up a GSE strategy for the profession for the next five years.

“Please make your voice heard through our short online survey which closes on Friday 29 April. The more members who respond, the greater our influence will be.”

Migrant workers in STEM roles

The committee also discussed concerns about migrant workers’ future job security across a range of membership areas. SESAC focused in particular on highly-skilled workers in STEM roles.

In order to develop an evidence-based response, the committee wants to better understand the scope and nature of these concerns.

Neil Hope-Collins, chair of SESAC, said: “Prospect takes members’ professional concerns very seriously and we want to address these in a timely and appropriate manner.

“To help us do this, we need to know about your workplace experience. We have developed a short online survey and would welcome responses from a wide range of branches.”

The survey is open until 3 May.