Jersey union members want partnership – but States ignore jointly agreed policies


Jersey union members want partnership – but States ignore jointly agreed policies

Mike Clancy, general secretary of Prospect, is visiting Jersey on 26 May to make clear that the full weight of the major UK trade union is behind its members in Jersey as they face threats to their jobs, pay and conditions.

The JCSA branch of Prospect in Jersey, representing civil servants, says that the States Employment Board (SEB) claims to want to work in partnership with the unions that represent its employees, but is not doing so.

An example of the board’s approach was a recent initiative on staff attendance that amounted to a brutal campaign of frightening employees in which jointly agreed policies were ignored. Media reports said staff in the Health Department could face the sack if they had taken three or more sick days in six months.

SEB imposed a pay freeze for 2015 on its staff after only a pretence of negotiation and pay offers for 2015/16 have been withdrawn.

Mike Clancy said: “The States of Jersey government is asking public sector unions to help to modernise and introduce a new reward system because of the need to make massive savings. But, rather than exploring options for achieving savings with its staff and their unions, it is launching unilateral initiatives.

“Prospect members are unhappy, as are members of other public sector unions. Trust has been lost and the States of Jersey are driving initiatives that are not thought through or even explained. This is not partnership.

“Prospect seeks nothing more than an honest relationship. Its professional, hard-working and committed members are waiting, with growing impatience, for that desire to be reciprocated by the States.

“The union will not stand back and allow the current situation to continue. Prospect will sit at any table where the States of Jersey demonstrate a real desire to negotiate and share information,” Clancy concluded.

The JCSA branch of Prospect in Jersey has more than 850 members, who work in all departments in the States of Jersey.

Prospect will host a media briefing at 6pm on 26 May at the Pomme d’Or Hotel, St Helier.