Extend validity of promotion tests


Delegates back call to extend validity of promotion tests

Situational judgment exercises and online tests for promotion or advancement in the civil service are unfair and a waste of resources because they are only valid for six months, delegates agreed.

Simon Finney (Ministry of Defence Navy) said suitable opportunities for promotions did not come up very often.

People spend a lot of time preparing and going through the stress of the online test. But even if they are successful in the test they can be sifted in or out for interview.

But the tests are only valid for six months – Finney said they should be valid for at least one year, ideally two.

“This would give people more opportunities to apply for a wider range of jobs and would be a win-win for employers and staff,” he concluded.

Lucy Hibbitt, speaking for the executive, said: “I feel your pain. The six-month cut-off is an extra barrier for people looking for specific jobs and can cause discrimination issues.” She said Prospect had raised this with the Cabinet Office and departments.

Delegates backed the motion which called on the executive to raise this at appropriate levels with the aim of extending the validity of a “ticket” for a longer and more appropriate period of time.