Things you didn’t know about Prospect’s work in heritage


Things you didn’t know about Prospect’s work in heritage

Alan Leighton, Prospect national secretary, talks about the union’s work in heritage.

Museum worker

Who does Prospect represent in heritage?

A wide variety of grades including administrators, archaeologists, archivists, art handlers, curators, conservators, designers, events staff, fundraisers, photographers, registrars and visitor services staff.

How many members do we represent in heritage?

Nearly 6,000.

What are the top three issues we are facing in heritage?

Funding, pay and the impact of Brexit.

Who are some of the big companies who negotiate with us?

We are recognised in all of the national museums and galleries in England, Scotland and Wales. We also negotiate with the British Library (and National Library Scotland and National Library Wales), National Trust (and National Trust Scotland), archaeological trusts/companies as well as Historic England and Historic Environment Scotland.

Are most of our members in this industry permanent employees or freelance/contactors?

Most members are permanent employees but we also represent freelancers, interns and in several employing bodies we also represent volunteers.

How do we support our members in heritage?

We negotiate pay, terms and conditions of employment; provide advice and representation on personal cases; campaign for improved funding; and support members when employers seek to restructure the workforce.

What’s a recent success we’ve had supporting a member (or members) in heritage?

Prospect ran a vigorous social media campaign (#high5heritage) in advance of the last Autumn public expenditure statement. Severe funding cuts had been forecast but our campaign played a part in ensuring that the funding position was much better than had been feared.

Why should someone working in heritage join Prospect?

To improve our bargaining strength, to protect their job at work and to play a part in our heritage campaign.

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