Prospect welcomes update to ministerial code


Prospect welcomes update to ministerial code

More work needs to be done to clarify on a range of issues

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Responding to news of an update to the ministerial code on harassment, Prospect deputy general secretary, Garry Graham said:

“Prospect welcomes the changes to the ministerial code. The amendments drag the code into the late 20th century making it clear that the behaviours expected of ministers are exactly the same as those expected of other employees in a well-run modern workplace - irrespective of rank or status.”

He added: “Prospect has been pressing for changes to the code to bring it into line with the modern world of employment. It is important that staff, where they do have concerns, have the confidence to raise them. This is not just about words in the code - it is about processes which underpin them and the culture within organisations.

“We are seeking an urgent meeting and need clarity on a range of issues including how any historic complaints will be dealt with.”