Think again on 13,000 job cuts, Prospect tells BT


Think again on 13,000 job cuts, Prospect tells BT

Prospect has called on BT to reconsider its shocking decision to lose 13,000 jobs over the next three years and to recognise the knowledge, expertise and commitment of its employees.

BT is also undergoing a major restructure of job roles and pay structures under the People Framework.

Prospect national secretary Philippa Childs said: “Most of the proposed job losses are in managerial and professional grades. Yet BT’s people have the knowledge, expertise and commitment to transform the business and achieve success.

“We do not believe that it is possible to cut thousands of jobs without causing significant harm to the company’s operations.

“We are calling on BT to stop these very damaging cuts and draw up a resourcing plan that is realistic, achievable and which recognises employees’ skills and expertise.

“Any reductions should be achieved on a voluntary basis and those who remain should not be overloaded.”

Prospect will also resist attempts to cut jobs by closing sites, relocating people in an unreasonable way or reducing the flexibilities that provide a good work/life balance.

In relation to the People Framework the union is pressing for a fair employee reward structure with progression, good increases for good work and increases on promotion.

Members can support the campaign by:

  • sharing their views with management and Prospect
  • asking colleagues to join Prospect
  • contacting their local rep – or emailing – as soon as problems arise in their workplace.


Prospect’s annual BT conference set out the strategy for pushing back on these changes – see reports at

Download an A5 two-sided leaflet calling on BT to put its people first and an A4 poster from our library.